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    April 20, 2013
    5:00 - 6:00pm PDT  

>> ♪ ♪ god bless america our home sweet home. good evening, i am mike huckabee with a fox news alert. armed guards are protecting 19 year old dzhokhar tsarnaev in a boston hospital. u.s. intelligence a special interrogation team for high value would suspects is standing by to question him. his older brother and accomplice killed in watertown, massachusetts. we have a correspondant adamly in boston. any updates? >> yeah, good evening, we are getting some updates. the u.s. attorney office has not file would charges.
the suspect is in serious but stable condition. we know they expect him to make it. it is one of the hospitals where a number of victims were brought after the blast. his brother was brought here and pronounced dead here . there is a significant number of law enforcement outside and inside. you can't go in the hospital without proper. bag purses are senched. the suspect brought hire with multiple of injuries. heap's bloodied up in the ambulance. it is grainy but he had multiple injuris and one of those gunshot injuries came from the initial shoot out from the police after the car jacking . that's all why have. we have a lot of information about where his injuries are. head or neck region and another in the leg. but nothing confirmed by the hospital or f.b.i.. all of that information will come through the f.b.i.. they told us he was in serious
but stable condition and they would have a statement they thought tonight. as of this hour, that statement hasn't been released. >> adam, you said there were a lot of police in the hospital. was there any protestors on and others showing up? >> there are no protestors and there are a number of the public walking around here and red sox fans walked through here . this is it a large medical campus. cusee a lot of medical students and doctors and nurses and looking at where the media camp would out. we were one of the first ones here and it is grown rather large knowing that the suspect is inside and we saw two f.b.i. agents leave at 4:30 and their car parked near ours . so that is kind of the scene here. no protest whatoso ever.
they would be moved off and last night interesting on the way here, a few blocks down the street where boston colleges and a number of colleges and smaller ones that people may not be familiar with. they blocked off the street with 400 students cheering cars that went through and every time a emergency vehicle of any type came through they let out a large roar. interesting to see the reaction with the suspect brought through and the doctors working to save his life. >> i appreciate your report. turning now to the federal investigation that is looking closely on the older suspect's trip back tia last year. catherine, what are we learning about want older brother's possible tie to islamic groupings. >> fox told that investigators are looking in potential ties to caucus imerate.
it is an islamic group it is based on two factorings. one the older brother's travel to russia when he went to chechnya and dagis stan and probably more important what hed on the youtube site between august of 2012 and when the attack happened. this included many videos and linkings to this extremist group in russia. this a terrorist group by the u.s. state department and the al qaeda and taliban sanctions committee two years ago. it is a well known islamic group, governor. >> what are we learning about the f.b.i.'s initial contact with the older better. >> the f.b.i. in 2011 had a request from the russian government and the f.b.i. revealed some of the details of that request. it reads in part, that the russian government had
information that the older brother a follower of radical islam and strong believer and changed drastically from 20 thereto 10 and believed he was joining an unpres -- unspecified group. the f.b.i. did a review of tamerlan's background and talked to him and family members and didn't come up with terrorist act timpt. but let me explain why this saimportant now. the same year the russian government said what do you been this guy and extremist ties? we think he is a radical islamist. that is the same time this group in chechnya is declared a terrorist enity and the older brother creates a youtube site where he is posting jihadi literature and that seems to be a theme is the trip to rush quaand sort
of radicalization process intensifying at that point, governor. >> catherine, do we have enough intelligence to follow the smaller groups we haven't about? >> two mains. there is it a lot of intelligence gathering by the community and the american public has to ask themselves whether they want the government more in our business to prevent every attack. there is it a certain amount of risk and i am not minimizing what happened in boston but there is it a certain amount of risk if we are going to maintain what the american culture and democracy really stands for . second of all, i wrote about it in my book the next wave. these groups like to tarket u.s. citizens since 2006. they understand they may not get their own people in the united states, but they will be able to get u.s. citizens or in the case of the older
brother a legal and permanent resident. i am not suggesting a direct tie to al qaeda, but there is good evidence that extremist groups try to target american citizens if in fact they want to spread the idea will logically and people with clean skins and people without a record as well >> catherine, thank you . great to have you here today . let me commend you and all of the fox team. i have never in my life proud to be affiliated with a group of people as the fox news correspondants over the last week . you proible have noticed that fox broke many of the key elements of the storp store and - story and many of them have been on their feet 16 and 18 hours a day and on the hair and they sound good and i am proud of them. did the feds do enough in the
initial of tamerlan tsarnaev two years ago? we'll talk about it when we come back. [ cheers and applause ] all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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smooth-riding sportsmen, and razor-sharp rzrs. hurry to your local polaris dealer for rebates up to $1,000 and financing as low as 2.99% during the polaris xp sales event. usa, usa, usa, >> those are the sounds of an elated boston public last night as news of the younger brother's arrest hit the streets. we now know that the feds had the dead bombing suspect on the radar screen all the way back to 2011 after being told by a foreign government that he had become a radical islam follower. they didn't find any proof he was involved in terrorism activity thing. joining me is the covert
operation officer and of a global security firm. mike, let me start by one of the follow-up procedures that the f.b.i. will use in a situation like that when they are investigating the older brother. >> it is not an unusual incident. we get a lot of request from foreign liason partners all of the time. looking at terrorism connection or organized crime conthe russians turned to us and said look at this individual is not unusual. there is a back story and the ongoing brutality of the chechnya russian relationship . that forms some what of the atmosphere behind this and the russians say we have someone we are worried about. that is going to at least inform to some degree how they
feel the russians are doing. in the end of the day, they go and look at the databases and go out and do a interview as they did . if they don't find anything. they don't find anything . the problem is, it is after the factfact of course. they wrap today up and they didn't have evidence and then they would have been kicked around the block repeatedly for infringing on the poor immigrant's rights because the russians with history of the butitality with the chechnyas,ment topped find something out. >> i want to ask you about the fort hood shooting, does it need to be reexamined it is calmed workplace violence. isn't it time we take a second look at that? >> absolutely. the fact that it a moronic decision on the part of self rightous individuals to label
that the fort hood shooting a workplace violent incident. the fact that they labeled that doesn't change the fact that the shooter was influenced by radical islam. it a terror incident and encourage would by contact with radical islam and that theology. we have people at this point. we have people who are reluctant to acknowledge the fact that indirectly or directly. they were influenced by the theology of radical islam. that is an important outreach program by the jihadist and radical islam. we have changed the nature . beast and we denied them permanent training camps and taken out a number of the operational leaders and they
have grown to understand that the holy grail is to identify disaffected individuals who are easily impressionable and side in the infedel homelands and turn those individuals into terrorist and they are successful elsewhere and the fort hood shooting is an example of it will we'll have daris long whose song murdered by a terrorist. the government has never call today a terrorist. mike, what should we be doing? everybody said we have had a terrible event in boston. what do we do to stop this and keep it from happening again? >> well, the unsatisfying response. you can't reduce the risk down to zero. you know why they don't have much terrorism in china?
they don't have terrorism in north korea, but we are nopt going to accept what it takes. there is it a trade off. more security means less privacy and civil liberties and invasion of our rights. we have gotten much better. the good part of this, over the years we have improved our safety and defenses and ability to be proactive and disrupt minimizing the attacks. weep can't something everything. everybodied in counter terrorism operation and law enforcement, they understand that. you never get the risk to zero. you lich with the knowledge that something will slip through. >> mike in 15 seconds: are we save? >> we are safer. we are immeasurably safer than we say 10 or 12 years ago in part we are better than what
we do . cooperation with the agencies is better and technology improved our ability and dissimulate millions of pieces of information and the answer is, we are safer, we'll never be completely safe and we'll have to enjoy our liberties and line and things that we treasure and still maintain security. >> mike baker, thank you and great to have you with us tonight. >> and the rampant media speculation and a big week for citizen journalist, that's nownext.
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>> this week as f.b.i. and local authorities sifted through the evidence of find the people bep hind the bombing. a liberal website had a title let's hope the bomber is a white american. the cultural of radical islam is blamed. white terrorist are treated as lone woefuls. there is andrew who calledute the nonsense. greg a close friend of andrews and joined by the director of the new film. i want to start with you. andrew bitebart was not around for this particular . you followed him around making the documentary. what do you think he would have thought about the salon article this week.
>> thank you for having me on, governor. he would not have been surprised. he would referred to it as opinion pornography and? sort of communication road kill. it is tintalizing and taboo and not sure to look at it when you go by. you he would expect people to look at it. what is represent article is the progressive school of thought. when barack obama talk body fundmentally changing the united states of america, this is what he was talking about. it is changing the narrative from one of american exceptionalism personal responsibility to a american asist -- racist and serving the white manner class.
>> is it terrorist to say you hope it is a white person. >> no, that only goes one way. a leftist can project his own racism and get away with it if andrew brightbar was alive today he would have died laughing reading the comum . you might have a photoof david sarota throwing a jab . i think brightbar was great. he found there nothing funnier, that is amazing. there is nothing funnier than someone who takes themselves seriously. no one would pick that picture. it plays off an anti-american sentiment. sirota believes that america can't handle anything but a white terrorist and somehow be thrown in a wild back lash and
go burning buildings and invading countryings. it -- countries. that is entirely opposite of how andrew lived life. >> to follow up. andrew brightbar was a pioneer in citizen journalism. we saw people posting photos from boston that helped to catch these guys. how important is citizen journalism in a world where everything is digital and everybody has a camera. >> there is two kind. the brightbar that is relentless and focused type of journalism and okay, we know that there is something there in andrew weiner's story that is not true. we must dig until we find the truth and do not let naysayers and liars get in the way and he got people involved and
citizen journalism and he won, it looked like weiner might be coming back. but the other kind of journalism i am worried and the kind i got drawn into thursday night, so many people involved that the wrong person is implicated in a crime. i saw the retweeting of two gentlemen that turned out not to be the suspects and i bought into it. i saw two young men, who turned out to have nothing to do with the crime retweeted and that i assumed those were the guys and i went to bed thinking they finishingered the guys. the problem with citizen journalism, it is a big messy drunk party. next morning you wake up half . things you did wrong. >> i appreciate you being here. at least in the case of the boston bombers some of them were right. the documentary will be hitting the theaters may 17th.
go to hating greg, andrew thank you for being here and delighted to talk to you . coming up next, an update from boston. the only thing we'd ever grown togeth
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and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national. go like a pro. >> lich from american news headquarterings. folk necessary texas are allowed back in their homes following a massive blast on wednesday. officials are going out of their way to dispem rumors of a leak. the explosion kill would frain and injured be you others. some sections of the town of were leveled by the impact. major flooding and rivers in six states are rising from days of rain . main cities are bracing for evacuations.
two deaths are blame would on flack flood. they are trying to strengthen the levies that holds back the missouri river. for all of your headlines go to fox he's poking a hole through the liner of the boat. we have a live party in the boat. trying to hold a hole through the boat. live party in the boat confirmed. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev the suspect is hospitalized in serious condition and under armed guard. the investigators haven't been able to question him yet. he was found hiding in the boat and taken into custody after a final change of gunfire in watertown. that's where we found mike to bin.
mike? >> governor, this is the neighborhood where david spotted someone wound bleed hiding in the boat. he did what investigators urged people to do. he backed off and called 911. police recovers and canine units and federal agents were racing to the scene and the helicopter produced a thermal image of a heat signature and someone hide laying in the boat it was the 19 year old killer. he shot once and a gun battle ensued. resummoneding officers were nervous that tsarnaev might be strapped to explosives. he was taken into custody and then the officers made him lift his shirt and then he
surrendered. no where was the celebration sweeter than fenway park where a song that a signature sung by the crowd and the man who sings it best. neal diamond. >> are you ready? ♪ sweet carrolline. ♪ you just niver been so good. ♪ [ singing ] and what is interesting about that, governor. neil diamond flew to town on his own nickel and volunteered and they let him sing. goch gov? - governor? >> they would let him sing for sure. how this guy able to elude the search teamings. how did he escape them? >> it is very interesting.
the chief of police said this location is a block and half outside of the perimeter of the search. he able to hide inside of the boat if that is the first indication and he was undetected from the search teams. it is hard to say how badly he was wounded at the time. he a half hour away from the cover of darkness again, governor. >> mike tobin. thank you and great reporting from boston. >> the high school class mate of tsarnaev confirm would twitter handle of jczar and said it the boston bomber. he quoted through his tweet a jay z. ain't no love in the heart of the city. stay safe people . hours later. he tweeted another message to his followerings. there are people who know the truth and stay silent and people who speak the truth but
we don't hear them because they are the minority. the fact he walked around on the campus and send out messages on twitter as if he hadn't murdered an eight year old and sent dozens of people to the hospital permanently maimed is an indication of what kind of conscience he failed to have. npr counter terrorism correspondant's analysis of the boston bombing abdurd. temple linked major events in april why the bombing suspects were most likely right-wing individuals. she made those comments on the radio program on wednesday. >> think happening as we are reporting that it is a domestic extremist attack and officials are leaning that way because of the timing . attack. that is a big month for right wing and hitlers birthday and
oklahoma city bomb the assault in waco. >> truly? you know one of the thing thags comes to mind all of these things that happened in april. there is one for the left wing. april 1st. this kind of foolish comment where there is it a presupposition that it a right-wing southern white guy is offensive and absurted . what is worse, npr is taxpayer subsidized. it was offensive and we helped her pay for it. officials arrested dark dark tsarnaev and his uncle interviewed and asked how he feel he was captured. >> i feel surreal and relief that he is alive. i hope, you know, he will pull
through. he will be able to for his own sake seek forgiveness for those who have been harmed and hurt, from the families of the victims. >> one of the great tragedies of a situation like this, it is not just the people who commit the crime, but it is their families who often are unfortunately having to suffer. now there have been a variety of the comments from various family members but you got to feel a sense of compassion for the uncle who shared how grateful he is to be in america and how proud he is to be an american and how ashamed high was of his two nephews and the fact that there a division between him and other people in the family. all i can hope, our hearts go
out to the uncle and other members of the family that had nothing to do with the boston marathon bombing. it is right to punish the right people but wrong to punish the people who had nothing to do with it. >> are the two boston bombing suspects part of a much bigger problem? frank said they are and he weighs in on it next. stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance a new ride comes along and changes everything. the 2013 lexus gs. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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approximate >> the suspectings in the boston bombings are chechens and immigrating in the life of america with ease. joining me is frank, the assistant secretary of defense and founder of the center policy. frank, you have said this is part of something bigger than borston a. what do you mean by that? >> it is the face of global jihad as it is called. it is it a program that is defined by a doctrine that is the orthodoxy of islam. not all ascribe to it. but it is it called sharia and commands the adherence to engage in holy war and jihad and impose the doctrine on everyone else . the facts we are seeing folks from chechnya means it is global and not confined to the
middle east or afghanistan or far east, it is it a world wide phenom nan and one that i think we ignore and fail to understand at our great peril. >> watching the video of the young men. they look like typical young guys walking around boston and there was not anything extrao outward appearance. no one would say they are islamic terrorist. this has to be cause for concern for law enforce the regular citizens walking around in the streets. >> it is why i think it is so important to understand motivation and not looking for an external crews. motivations in this case tell us about these folks and hail from a part of the world that is radicalize candidly because of vladimir putin's politicalal aspiration and spawned civil war there . the islamist operating in and
from chechnya. here is the point, mike. if you look at the doctrine and the infrastructure that is put in place to promote it. it is not just al qaeda that is about this. there is a lot of other groups that are violent jihadist and something that is called civiliation jihad. the premer on the muslim brotherhood's stradge -- strategic plan . the fact that the f.b.i. which we know interviewed one of the brothers about a year or so ago, failed to detect his jihadist impulse i would suggest in part because of the success of thization jihad that made it impermissible for the f.b.i. to know. they have had their files purged of information that give offense to these .
that mines the f.b.i. is less able to deal with the threat and >> what should we do differently? i am nopt talking about the f.b.i., i am just talking about all of us. >> the first part of business is to learn what we are up against. the famous chinese strategist said you can't defeat an enemy you don't know. there is a wealth of material in places like that . the explanatory memorandum and introduced in evidence and takes them 15 minute to read it and it tells them what we are up against and gives you insight in the terfolly of the embrace of the muslim brotherhood and helped to bring them to power in egypt and next in syria and other places around the world and very much advance the agenda in the united states . once we are clear about the nature of the enemy and take sleeps and legislative in some
cases and in terms of a national neighborhood watch program for example in another respect and empowering our law enforcement officials to be clear about what we are up against and take constructive steps against them. that's what we need to be doing right now. >> thanks to frank. >> despite what you heard the boston marathon attack not the first. it was the fort hood and deadly shooting outside of a army recruiting station that four years ago. the white house said it not terror, a new law said it was. the father of a soldier who was gunned down outside of a recruiting station joins me next. it doesn't matter where a good idea comes from,
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>> we'll investigate any association that the terrorist may have had and continue to do whatever we have to do to keep our people safer. >> the boston marathon was called an act of terror hours after it happened. but the shooting at a little rock office guy a jihadist was never called terrorisma private kill would by a karlos bledso of memphis, tennessee. before he went to yemen and became radicalized. andy's father joins me now. when you were on the show before, you talked about the film regarding your son's death call would losing our son. that appearance stir people to action. >> yes, governor, good
evening, and i would like to thank you for that. it resulted in last wednesday being signed into law in arkansas by the governor,andy's law that provides for enhanced civil penaltyings for a terrorist act. 117 legislators voted for it and one did not and she said she pressed the wrong button and it is near unanimous what it. >> daruous i can tell you from having been there if you get that many votes on anything it is incredible. how did it make you feel getting the law pass named after your son. >> the fact that it was named after him said a lot. i am grateful to the arkansas legislature, but it is just a beginning. the state knows what it was, but our federal government doesn't. i watching the night before last, tyrone woods father was
on one of the shopes and he said i am waiting for an answer, 7 months later, the ft. hood people are waiting three and half years later and i am still waiting for answers four years later issue. the president spoke in his speech about the victims have a right for answers. well, i would like mine. >> you know, i think your story is one of those that is so amazing. because there was a time in the f.b.i. agents contacted you and they knew the young man, karlos bledso who killed your son radicalized but after the event, they would have nothing to do with this, and no one from the federal government would give you an answer . i guess from what you said, you still have never been given an answer from the federal government as to whether it terrorism and all of us would say of course it
is. the young man admitted he was a jihadist and did it on purpose and did it as part of that. >> what strikes me, governor, the f.b.i. knew about karlos bled so in yemen and when he got back here. he didn't show up for a polygraph test. with ft. hood. they knew about nadal hasan . in this case in boston, they had one of these guys under stur sur. they had three events and the people in their sights at one time or another . you know, laws, you have to prove someone guilty, i am not a lawyer, but it seems strange to me that there is that involvement by federal law enforcement and these things still happen. >> daris, what were you thinking when you saw the events unfold in boston this
week? >> i didn't see is initially. i at work someone came back and told me. i had to walk away. when i finally had a chance to see it on one of the break room television sets, it a different network and my thoughts went to the families, there are families going through what i did . what also came to me, it may sound bad, but i felt elation in that there were main stream media covered it. they couldn't walk it back . so in the little rock no one covered it. but in this case, there is no way they could ignore it and thankfully, they have caught these guys and my biggest concern in the last couple of days, they would not catch them alive. if they hadn't caught them alive it would have died. >> faris.
>> now you have witnesses to testify. >> daris, you are a great inspiration to me. when i met you and the father of karlos and the two of you join together and i saw you both on our show talking about your desire to help americans understand, it happened me heart. iment to thank you for being here tonight. it is's please tower talk to you again. i hope people see the film losing our sons. it is a powerful film every american needs to see. i will be back with final thoughtings next. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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vent that is far more than a mere athletic endeavor of all of the things i have done only marriage and the birth of my children and grand children equal the ex-hill ration of crossing the finish line of a marathon. i have done it twice. on two occasions i was registered for the boston marathon but never got to do it. marathoners are unique in that the participants are competing against each other but competing against them sals. for many the culmination of months and years of dedicated training and discipline to finish what most people don't even dare to start. crossing the finish at the marathon is feeling that if i can do this i can do anything. the people running a marathon the other runners aren't black pore wheat or brown or yellow,
democrat or republican. not any other nationality. they are a part of a unique bond that is formed among those who compete 22.6 miles on their feet crossing the finish line is truly he a holy moment to defile the finish line of a marathon is to desecrate the sanctity of our collective soul. boston is a strong city and it is going to recover. but boston, it is hard -- its hard working people and its star royed marathon deserve much better than having mad dogs acting out their perverted religious evil on holy ground. well, we are going to be back live tomorrow night. judge andrew napolitano joining me and we will talk about the prosecution of the boston marathon bombing suspect. "justice"